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Posted 16 days ago by Ivan Kutas

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Ivan Kutas
Ivan Kutas Admin


I got some issues with the white label. It's not so pretty.
More options for customizing the layout would be good.

  1. For example, now I need to change my logo because it doesn't work well with white background.
  2. I would like to have the option to not show my name on every single page.
  3. The call to action section is really ugly and not possible to remove. The only thing I can change is the name of the name of the CTA. If I leave it empty, then "Let's Discuss" will be used. Would be good if you allow html input here. Exactly like the comments section.
    Or at least the option to disable this. I can add my own CTA section with help of the comments section.
  4. Styling the cover and contents page would also be good.

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