Netpeak Checker 3.1: CAPTCHA Solving Has Never Been Easier

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Netpeak Checker 3.1: CAPTCHA Solving Has Never Been Easier

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Only 2 months passed since Netpeak Checker has been updated to 3.0 version, and here we go again with a minor 3.1 release. In this video, I will tell you about CAPTCHA, new features for CAPTCHA solving, how to use them, and why we actually spent our time to make this functionality for you in the first place. We will talk about all these questions and even more in this short video.

1. What Is CAPTCHA Solver?

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To understand what is CAPTCHA auto-solving, let's start from the definition of CAPTCHA. It's nothing more than a test to identify whether you are a human or not.

Some tasks require retrieving and analyzing quite big datasets which can take ages if you do it manually. That's why we have programs (bots, scripts) that perform it for us. In order to pass CAPTCHA tests, we've implemented transferring its decoding to external services instead of passing it ourselves. As a result, we've got the way to get a lot of data and work with it without any significant time losses.

1.2. Opportunity to Work with CAPTCHA in Netpeak Checker

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Netpeak Checker 3.1 users regularly scrape tons of data from search engines and systematically meet CAPTCHA. Earlier we had only one CAPTCHA solving service implemented in our tool – Anti-Captcha. But as soon as we started getting user requests to implement more services, we've added 3 more ways to decode CAPTCHA:

The unique feature of our development is an opportunity to use all four services at once. The program will use them in turn during the analysis and take care of each proxy that you added to the Netpeak Checker. Just a small note, use both proxies and CAPTCHA solving services to get the job done in the most effective way.

2. More Features for Working with Tables

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Common Netpeak Checker use case is about importing a huge number of pages to the program and analyzing them by a lot of parameters. As a result, you get quite a big data table which might be hard to navigate through. Now if you don't want to see the whole data, but surf only among necessary parameters, follow these 3 steps:

  1. When the analysis is complete, save the project
  2. Tick off unnecessary parameters in a sidebar
  3. Click on 'Sync the table with selected parameters' button – here we go, only selected parameters will be displayed in the report

The other data is not erased, just hidden. If you're mixed up with hidden and shown parameters, you can open previously saved project. Also, you can save currently analyzed parameters as a template. After some manipulations with syncing, you can use it and click on 'Sync the table with selected parameters' to show all data again (or for the next analysis). For the best experience use all functionality of the program ;)

3. A Cherry on Top: Interface Improvements, New Serpstat Databases and Faster Connection with Yandex

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In the end, I would like to mention some other minor changes:

  • 13 new Serpstat databases have been added. Their team is working from dusk till dawn to add data for all countries on the mother Earth. We'll add them to Netpeak Checker as soon as they make a release ;)
  • New 'Untick all parameters' button in a sidebar. Previously, you had to click on each parameters group to turn them off. Now it's done only in one click. We do our best to take care of your time ;)
  • Link underlining is excluded from tables. A long time ago, we added this feature because we're all used to seeing links underlined. But now we've decided to turn it off to make spaces and underscores more visible for you.
  • Interaction with Yandex search engine has becоme 2-3 times faster! We were fixing retrieving of the 'SQI' parameter from Yandex.Webmaster service, but at the same time, we managed to speed up the whole connection ;) By the way, it also caused less CAPTCHA tests while scraping it.

That's it. I was glad to share the latest Netpeak Checker news with you guys. Wish you a high CTR and tons of traffic ;)

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