Netpeak Checker 3.4: New Pro Plan + Data Backup, and Estimation of Website Traffic

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Netpeak Checker 3.4: New Pro Plan + Data Backup, and Estimation of Website Traffic

Knock-knock! Have you ordered a crusty fresh-baked update from Netpeak Checker? So take it in! You'll find it kindly packed with plenty of cool stuff ?

  • 1. Project Backup to Ensure Your Data Integrity
  • 2. Estimation of Website Traffic
  • 3. Integration with Google Drive / Sheets
  • Perks for You
  • In a Nutshell

1. Project Backup to Ensure Your Data Integrity

It’s been two weeks since we added data backup in Netpeak Spider 3.9, and the users already can’t imagine their work without it!

We received rave reviews from our customers about the backup feature in Netpeak Spider and began to work closely on this feature in Netpeak Checker. And voila! Now both programs have it

That's why we pulled our socks up, turned the turbo speed on, and implemented data backup in Netpeak Checker ? Now you don't risk losing the analysis results in case of an unexpected program quit because now you have a backup copy of the main table data.

The temporary project will open automatically after the next program start. You can continue crawling the website or save it as a regular project on your computer.

After you start Netpeak Checker, save a temporary project not to lose data as the program regularly deletes backups not to overload your hard drive

The program regularly bins backups not to overload your hard drive. That's why it's crucial to save temporary projects manually

1.1. Peculiarities of Data Backup in Netpeak Checker

  1. Data backup occurs every 5 minutes → we used such an interval on purpose because many of our clients use paid service limits, and it's particularly annoying to lose them.
  2. The data also gets backed up when you stop or pause the analysis.
  3. The feature allows you to back up analysis results only in the main table. But bear in mind that the program doesn't yet back up data from the 'SE Scraper'.

Many would ask: 'When are you going to implement backup in the 'SE Scraper' tool?’ We're already thinking about how to implement this feature.

Read more about this feature in the article from the User Guide: ‘Data Backup in Netpeak Checker’.

2. Estimation of Website Traffic

Suffice to say, this news is worth a drum roll, and maybe our CEO Alex Wise would even perform it for you. But now, let's cut to the chase. Netpeak Checker now shows approximate data on total website traffic or its subdomains by channels, the main country the website receives traffic from, and a thematic category.

Now you can quickly and easily peek at the potential donors' traffic for link building and analyze the traffic of competitors, looking at the percentage of each channel.

Just tick the necessary parameters from the ‘Website traffic’ group in the sidebar and start the analysis, the program will do the trick.

Activate the 'Website traffic' group of parameters, select the required parameters on the Netpeak Checker sidebar, and start crawling. As a result, you'll see all the received data in the main table


Where does website traffic data come from?

We don't have the right to disclose the source of data due to confidentiality restrictions. Everything is hyper serious, you know. We can only hint that the metrics correlate with a certain well-known service ?

3. Integration with Google Drive / Sheets

Another feature we implemented in this update is export of reports to Google Drive! Thanks to this feature, you can export reports to Google Sheets in one fell swoop and share it with colleagues and / or clients.

To enable the feature:

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ → ‘Export’.
  2. On the ‘File export format’ tab, choose Google Sheets (Google Drive).
  3. Add a Google account where the reports will be exported.

To export crawling results and reports to Google Drive, activate the Google Sheets (Google Drive) checkbox on the export settings tab of Netpeak Checker and then add a Google account

We described what tasks this feature helps solve in this blog post: 'Netpeak Spider 3.7: Structured Data and Integration with Google Drive'. For instance, much of the bonding between Steve and Harold (SEO specialist and website developer) was due to this feature. And it saved them loads of time. Be like Steve and Harold – switch to Google Drive and Google Sheets ?

Onboarding Video

Our Product Marketing Manager Kosta Bankovski has a magic touch with shooting educational videos. And so we harnessed this chance and shot some videos to help you master the tool. The links to these videos we placed right in Netpeak Checker – now they're always in sight if you have any questions. But don't put watching on the back burner if you can do it now.

 Watch Educational Videos

In a Nutshell

So in Netpeak Checker 3.4, we implemented:

  • Project backup to ensure your data integrity → now, you can start data analysis and keep your cool knowing that a sudden program quit won't squander all limits of paid services.
  • Two new features:
    • Estimation of website traffic → get traffic data by channel, main source country, and resource topic category.
    • Integration with Google Drive / Sheets → export reports straight to Google Sheets and share them with your colleagues and clients.
☝ Switching to the Pro plan is free for all Standard users, even if you buy Standard access until November 17, inclusive.

If you get sick of long farewells, you’ll change your mind with us. Because we have a couple of minor improvements for you that will help you put everything in the apple-pie order:

  • We added ? key iconsnext to the services that require token or API → now you can see what services need access right in the sidebar. Note that this icon stands not only next to the paid services. For some of them, you need just a log-in to rack up data. For instance:
    • Facebook
    • Google PageSpeed
    • Google Mobile-Friendly
    • Google Safe Browsing
    • free parameters with Mozscape API: Domain Authority, Page Authority, MozRank, etc.
  • In the 'Proxy list' settings, we added the list of services (BuyProxies, AWM Proxy) we trust → use them to your heart's content.

We hope you’re racing up to try new features we’ve just listed! If you’re brimming over this update, don’t keep it to yourself – your feedback would really hit the spot ?

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