Netpeak Checker 2.1.1: On-Page Parameters

Modified on Tue, 05 Dec 2023 at 09:49 AM

Netpeak Checker 2.1.1: On-Page Parameters

It is spring, everything is blossoming and our Netpeak Checker is no exception. And this is because on-page parameters are back :)

I’d like to point out that we not only returned parameters from the previous version but added some new and extremely useful. So let’s get on with the review of this update!

1. On-Page parameters from Netpeak Spider

In Netpeak Checker 2.1 we implemented totally new application core and that’s why we had to change the algorithm of getting on-page parameters. Now all the possible parameters from Netpeak Spider are added to Netpeak Checker and they numbered almost 40. Please follow this link to review the list of all parameters and their descriptions.

You can check on-page parameters and work with other basic features in the free version of Netpeak Checher that is not limited by the term of use and the number of analyzed URLs.

To get access to free Netpeak Checker, you just need to sign up, download, and launch the program ?

 Sign Up and Download Freemium Version of Netpeak Checker

P.S. Right after signup, you'll also have the opportunity to try all paid functionality and then compare all our plans and pick the most suitable for you.

2. Preset search

These are the new parameters we’ve been talking about! Their search and extraction are made in page source thus you can find these parameters in ‘On-Page’ category.

2.1. Emails

Now Netpeak Checker extracts all the email addresses found on a web page and adds to the results table the following data:

  • number of emails
  • their values in alphabetical order in the following format:,, 

Please notice that only unique emails are counted here.

2.2. Social networks

Similarly to the previous point, you can get:

  • number of unique links to social networks
  • the links themselves in alphabetical order – each link from a new line

In the current version of the tool, the following social networks are supported for getting on-page parameters:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

2.1. Hreflang

Now using our tool you can analyze hreflang attributes in a simplified form – Netpeak Checker retrieves:

  • number of <link> tags with hreflang attribute found on the target page
  • the value of these attributes in an alphabetical order in the following format:

 hreflang1, hreflang2, hreflang3... 

3. Whois emails

Our Whois parser can now get all the email addresses from Whois database for an appropriate domain. In the results table, they are displayed in an alphabetical order separated by a comma.

4. New Wayback Machine parameters

Two new parameters from Wayback Machine have become available:

  • Indexation → indicates whether the target URL is indexed by Wayback Machine
  • Indexed URLs → number of website HTML pages indexed by Wayback Machine

Descriptions of special cell values

For you to know the reason why there are no results for a specific parameter / specific URL and understand how to fix it, we’ve added descriptions to the cells with special values.

Choose the necessary cell and you’ll see a brief tooltip in the ‘Info’ panel at the bottom of the table:

No results

Indicates that the results for the cell haven't been retrieved yet.

By default, all cells have this value. You can’t mix this up since such cells are empty.


Indicates that the results retrieved for the chosen parameter are empty.

This usually happens when, for instance, such Title tag as <title></title>  was found on a page.


Indicates that there is no data for the selected parameter.

This is typical when you want to get, for example, the number of backlinks according to Majestic and there is no data for this URL in the service database.

(Service Error)

Error indicating that it's impossible to retrieve the data due to some problems from the service side or when analyzing invalid URLs.

In this case, you should wait for some time and try again or contact our support team.

(Failed Auth): Authorization error

Error indicating that it's impossible to connect to account using the credentials you've entered.

If you’re getting this error, please check your access settings to an appropriate service.

(Limit) error

Means that you've spent your allowance for an appropriate service or the service/server has limited an access to the data.

If this occurs to a service with paid access, you just need to wait until your limits are renewed.

(App Error)

Error indicating that it's impossible to retrieve data due to some problems with Netpeak Checker. In such cases, we at once get a report on the issue and do our best to solve it asap.

(Captcha) error

Indicates that it's impossible to further retrieve the parameters since you've chosen to ignore captcha.

Please stop the analysis and restart it again to settle this issue. Let us remind you that every time you restart the tool, it makes an attempt to get the results for cells with issues.

(Failed Proxy Auth): Proxy authorization error

Error indicating that it's impossible to connect to the proxy server since login and password are required.

In case you get this error, please check your proxy settings since this happens when a proxy requires the password but it is missing or incorrect.

(Proxy Error)

Error indicating that the proxy being used is not available at the moment.

In this case, we recommend you to check your proxy settings or disable its using.

In a nutshell

In 2.1.1 version of Netpeak Checker, we’ve restored on-page parameters and added some new ones. Now the total number of parameters is 1,235!

However, to tell you the truth, it’s only the beginning of what we’re preparing for you. In the next updates, we’re going to implement an integration of Netpeak Checker with extremely useful for online marketers services from Google: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Safe Browsing и Google PageSpeed Insights. You surely can’t miss it to stay tuned!

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