Netpeak Spider 3.5: Hreflang, Multi-Domain Crawling, and Yandex.Metrica

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Netpeak Spider 3.5: Hreflang, Multi-Domain Crawling, and Yandex.Metrica

A little while ago, we've integrated Netpeak Spider with Google Analytics and Search Console services, and immediately after that, our users nudged us to integrate with Yandex.Metrica. We've decided to cut a long story short and grant your wishes. When our users pitch us great ideas – we deliver. It's as simple as that ?

Use the list of contents to navigate through the blog post easily.

  • 1. Comprehensive Hreflang Analysis
  • 2. Multi-Domain Crawling (Pro)
  • 3. Integration with Yandex.Metrica
  • Perks for You
  • In a Nutshell

So in a new Netpeak Spider 3.5 meet:

  • Comprehensive hreflang analysis – now you can check whether all hreflang attributes are set correctly on your website, if it's multilingual.
  • Multi-domain crawling feature – the algorithm is simple: upload the list of domains, run simultaneous crawling, analyze parameters and issues in a single report.
  • Integration with Yandex.Metrica – it'll allow you to extend crawling data with the information from analytical services and focus on the tasks that are a priority for page promotion. It's especially handy if Yandex.Metrica is your primary web-analytics system. If you use it only as a backup, then you have an opportunity to compare data from different sources.

Now let's bring out each feature in detail. Hit the road!

1. Comprehensive Hreflang Analysis

If you promote a multilingual website, hreflang attribute check should be a kind of rut for you. It requires caution steps. Otherwise, a search engine may misinterpret hreflang settings, which can affect local search severely.

Google’s John Mueller on his Twitter described hreflang as 'one of the most complex aspects of SEO'

Giant websites with multiple pages are especially the case.

And here we step in with a whole set of reports and hreflang checks in Netpeak Spider 3.5, including:

  • 2 new parameters (they are in the 'Head Tags' group)
  • 9 potential issues related to hreflang settings
  • 2 XL reports in the 'Export' menu
  • 7 special issue reports
  • new paragraph in the 'Overview' tab
  • new diagram on the dashboard

For a comprehensive hreflang check in Netpeak Spider 3.5, select the appropriate parameters, start crawling, and work with issue reports, dashboards and XL reports

To get access to Netpeak Spider, you just need to sign up, download, and launch the program ?

 Sign Up and Download Netpeak Spider

P.S. Right after signup, you'll also have the opportunity to try all paid functionality and then compare all our plans and pick the most suitable for you.

And we'll show you the ropes in the User Guide: 'How to check hreflang on a website with multiple languages.'

2. Multi-Domain Crawling (Pro)

Multi-domain crawling is a Pro feature of Netpeak Spider. Eager to have access to this and other PROfessional features? They include:

  • white label reports that allow branding
  • export of search queries from Google Search Console and Yandex.Metrica
  • export of reports to Google Drive / Sheets, etc.

Hit the button to purchase the Pro plan, and get your inspiring insights!

 Buy Netpeak Spider Pro and Feel Its Power

2.1. What Is Multi-Domain Crawling?

This feature allows you to set the list of URLs, and afterward, the program will crawl these websites simultaneously and display data in a single table. A standard set of Netpeak Spider features will be available for all URLs of every website:

  • issues
  • 'Overview' tab
  • site structure, divided by hosts
  • graphs on the dashboard
  • export of all reports

2.2. Why Do You Need Multi-Domain Crawling?

This feature allows you to:

  • Check the net of satellites, especially if it has multiple websites with few pages.
  • Crawl various sites on different domains simultaneously.

This is how Netpeak Spider 3.5 crawls multiple domains simultaneously. After the crawling is completed, you can see the site structure of each of them

  • Detect broken links during crawling the list of URLs. To do so, you have to set the click depth at '1'.
  • Scrape site contact details (email, phone numbers, addresses). If you faced such a task, we could show you how to do it quickly and efficiently.

Read the details in the User Guide: 'Multi-Domain Crawling.'

3. Integration with Yandex.Metrica

We're proud to announce that Netpeak Spider has become the first desktop crawler integrated with Yandex.Metrica.?

We recall that in one of the previous releases, we've integrated with Google analytics services. For more details, go to this blog post: 'Netpeak Spider 3.3: Integration with Google Analytics and Search Console.'

With Yandex.Metrica, you can get data on traffic, conversions, and Ecommerce parameters for your website pages. The tool allows:

  • choosing date range
  • setting segment (Organic, Paid, etc.) including the custom ones
  • considering the device type (desktop, mobile)

3.1. Features and Advantages of Integration with Yandex.Metrica

  1. Ability to work with several accounts quickly.
  2. Numerous custom settings.
  3. Traditional Netpeak Spider logic → you can enable / disable any Yandex.Metrica parameter.
  4. Data collection starts automatically when crawling is finished. At the same time, you can start it manually.
  5. Avoiding data sampling.
  6. If you're in Ukraine, you can set up a proxy to use this integration.

3.2. What We Added

  1. New parameters in corresponding group in a sidebar.
  2. Dashboard graphs and PDF reports.
  3. Issues in a sidebar.
  4. Points in the 'Overview' report.

Click on images to zoom in and see them in details:
Select Yandex.Metrica parameters on the sidebar of Netpeak Spider 3.5, run the analysis, and you will see the data in the corresponding columns of the main table
When the crawling is completed, you'll see a dashboard with the traffic distribution, according to Yandex.Metrica data on the Netpeak Spider 3.5 dashboard
Netpeak Spider 3.5 detects such issues according to Yandex.Metrica data: non-compliant pages with traffic, max bounce rate, compliant pages without traffic
The 'Overview' tab in Netpeak Spider 3.5 displays new default filters – you can see if pages receive traffic according to Yandex.Metrica data or not

To use Yandex.Metrica, sign in to your Yandex account, and select necessary parameters in a sidebar. To learn more about the details of the settings, read User Guide: 'Integration with Yandex.Metrica.'

Perks for You

Our caring team wants to cheer you up with some delightful perks.

Netpeak Spider users can try out a new 3.5 version of the tool for free up to January 24th inclusive.

 Sign Up and Start a Free Trial

Eager to learn more about new functionality? Our experts are ready to tell you about all the cases and ways of using new features during a webinar.

 Sign Up for Webinar

In a Nutshell

In Netpeak Spider 3.5, we implemented:

  • Comprehensive hreflang analysis – new checks and reports will allow you to get rid of the issues in attribute and understand how to configure it correctly. Now there's no chance you’re going to make mistakes in hreflang ?
  • Multi-domain crawling – it's a new Pro-feature, which allows you to crawl several domains from the list simultaneously: it'll be useful for those who promote multiple websites and wants to be on top of it.
  • Integration with Yandex.Metrica – we're running fast enough to be first movers.

Besides, Netpeak Spider 3.5 detects three new issues (‘Compliant URLs with query’, ‘Non-compliant canonical URL’, ‘Canonical URL contains another host) and one new parameter (‘Compliance’) so that you could quickly filter compliant URLs in the table or create segments on their basis.

Meantime, we’ve added two useful links to the 'Scraping' settings tab that will help you open the versatile world of this feature. We’ll drop them here for you to check them out and find a slew of actionable cases.

  1. Feature description.
  2. How to scrape data from online stores.

Share your impressions and new ideas of what you'd like to see in the next release!

We're ready to grant your wishes at breakneck speed ?

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