Netpeak Spider 3.7: Structured Data and Integration with Google Drive

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Netpeak Spider 3.7: Structured Data and Integration with Google Drive

These days, clear online communication and collaboration between team members are at the core of business advancement. That’s why in new Netpeak Spider 3.7, we’ve deployed integration with Google Drive, detection of structured data, and a few other noteworthy improvements. Click on the list of contents to quickly get to the needed section ?

  • 1. Integration with Google Drive
  • 2. Detection of Structured Data
  • 3. Scraping: 100 Conditions and New Unified Report
  • 4. Improvements in Sitemap Generator
  • Perks for You 
  • In a Nutshell 

1. Integration with Google Drive and Sheets

A thin line lies between love and hate, or one unwitting phrase blurted out in messengers. To help you avoid such mishaps, we've implemented integration with Google Drive in Netpeak Spider.

Here's the example of how business communication can come to the dead end when there's no convenient place for discussion

And here how situation takes another direction when these guys switch to Google Drive and Sheets:

Here's the example of how the communication between two team members improves when they switched their business processes to Google Drive

The majority of business processes in Netpeak Software are based in Google Docs & Sheets. We fell completely in love with them. Even our newcomers master formatting, cropping, functions, and formulas (though they don't really have a choice, if they want the probation period to be finished successfully ?).

Of course, we want to ease our users' workflow so that your processes look like rolly hills. The new feature is supposed to become a go-to for those who have business communication in Google Suite.

If your processes look different, how on earth do you work then? ? What do you use to tune your workflow instead of Google Docs? Please answer in the comment section below this blog post.

Thanks to the integration, you can quickly export reports straight to Google Sheets without any restraints and share with your colleagues within a few clicks. Likewise, the PDF reports: they're immediately exported to Google Drive, so it means that the only thing you have to do is to get a shareable link and send it to a client or manager.

Enabling this function is a no-sweat matter – you have to add your Google account in the export settings of the crawler. The export itself remains the same: you just go to the ‘Export’ tab where you choose the report and results table that you need, and they will be directly uploaded to Google Drive.

Open the ‘Settings’ window in Netpeak Spider and go to the ‘Export’ tab where you can add your Google account, thus setting up an export to Google Drive

Get more insights on how integration with Google Drive works in a user guide: 'Export Settings.'

2. Detection of Structured Data

Search engine robots use data from markup in the snippet to make it more helpful for a user. This, in turn, improves click-through rate. Now Netpeak Spider learned how to detect structured data on pages, its formats (JSON-LD, Microdata, RDFa), and types.

To knee-deep into the topic of structured data, read the blog post: 'What Is Structured Data, and How It Benefits SEO?'

With this new feature, you can detect what pages have structured data and which ones are missing it, though it should be there. Also, you can check what structured data formats and types the pages contain.

You can detect structured data and work with other basic features in the free version of Netpeak Spider crawler that is limited by the the number of analyzed URLs.

To get access to free Netpeak Spider, you just need to sign up, download, and launch the program ?

 Sign Up and Download Freemium Version of Netpeak Spider

2.1. What We Added

  • An inner table 'Structured Data' with columns: URL, format, type, and the number of structured data types.
  • 'Structured Data: Markup Types' parameter in a sidebar.
  • 'Structured data (XL)' extra-large (XL) report in the 'Export' menu.
  • 'Missing Structured Data' notice.
  • 'Contain structured data' item in the 'Overview' tab in a sidebar.
  • 'Google Structured Data Testing Tool' item in the 'Open URL in service' section of the main table context menu → you'll need it if the validation of structured data is required.

Use inner table 'Structured Data' in Netpeak Spider for detailed analysis of structured data according to URL, format, type, the number of structured data types

In the main table of Netpeak Spider, you can see the column with structured data parameter, an 'Overview' tab with TRUE / FALSE values in a sidebar, to validate structured data go to the context menu

3. Scraping: 100 Conditions and New Unified Report

? We extended scraping conditions in this update – now there are 100 of them compared to the previous 15! Now you can bask in the sun of scraping opportunities. You're welcome.

? Previously, to compare scraping data and data from the main table in the program, you had to unify reports with the help of formulas. Now you can export these two types of data in a single report and then filter and segment them in any text editor of your choice. If several results occurred in one table column, they'll be separated by a comma.

In this convenient way you can export scraping data from Netpeak Spider, and immediately set about working with it

There's a ton of awesome scraping cases on our blog, which can help you put any question in order:

1. How to Scrape Data from Online Stores With a Crawler.

2. Web Scraping for Marketing and Sales: Market Analysis with Netpeak Spider and Netpeak Checker.

Read a user guide to figure out the nuts and bolts of scraping features in Netpeak Spider: 'Scraping Settings.'

4. Improvements in Sitemap Generator

Here's how we improved the built-in tool 'Sitemap generator':

  1. We've deployed an option that allows you to break Sitemap into 1000 URLs per each file and to upload them this way to Google Search Console. It gives you another streak to see the statistics on all pages (GSC shows stats only on 1000 URL).
  2. In the built-in tool 'Sitemap generator' in Netpeak Spider you can break sitemap into 1000 URLs / file

  3. We added the opportunity to generate a sitemap with non-compliant URLs (earlier, you could add only compliant pages). This feature may come in handy when moving your website to a new domain. Google recommends generating a sitemap with redirects from the old site and submitting it to the destination website next to the new sitemap. Additionally, you can submit a sitemap with redirects to the Search Console so that crawlers could discover and process it fast.
  4. You can add information about hreflang to a sitemap.

More on how to work with the instrument you'll find in a user guide: 'Sitemap Generator.'

Perks for You

Free Trial

And suddenly, out of the blue… ? All Netpeak Spider users (!), including owners of the Standard license, will be able to relish new functionality of the crawler during the trial period until April 21, inclusive.

 Sign Up and Start a Free Trial


Have any questions or want to find your feet in new functionality? Our specialists will be thrilled to give you a bit of hand-holding! Sign up for webinar to learn all the cases and ways of using new features.

 Sign Up for webinar

In a Nutshell

In the updated Netpeak Spider 3.7 we implemented:

  • Integration with Google Drive and Sheets→ business communication and the workflow won't be your pain in the neck any more (Harold and Steve found the same language in Google Sheets).
  • Detection of structured data → you can see what pages have structured data and which ones are missing it, as well as what types and formats are used there.
  • Enhanced scraping → we made 100 conditions and a new unified report so that you can scrape more data, segment, and filter results in the way you need it.
  • Improved Sitemap generator → now you can break sitemap into the 1000 URLs per each file, and add information about hreflang attributes.

That’s the way the cookie crumbles ?

We also added new useful links to use cases on our blog to issue descriptions.

Remember that your most anticipated wishes will be not only heard but made true! Let's storm in with the news about our updates. They're not a secret, so share them all you like ?

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