Bad AMP HTML format

Modified on Tue, 2 Apr at 3:23 PM

Spider evaluates the AMP HTML format in accordance with the AMP HTML Specification:

AMP HTML documents MUST
  1. start with the doctype <!doctype html>
  2. contain a top-level <html ⚡> tag (<html amp> is accepted as well)
  3. contain <head> and <body> tags (They are optional in HTML)
  4. contain a <link rel="canonical" href="$SOME_URL"> tag inside their head that points to the regular HTML version of the AMP HTML document or to itself if no such HTML version exists
  5. contain a <meta charset="utf-8"> tag as the first child of their head tag
  6. contain a <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width"> tag inside their head tag. It's also recommended to include minimum-scale=1 and initial-scale=1
  7. contain a <script async src=""></script> tag inside their head tag
  8. contain the AMP boilerplate code (head > style[amp-boilerplate] and noscript > style[amp-boilerplate]) in their head tag

Should you encounter this error, kindly verify that all conditions have been met.

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