How to get API token for Google services (PageSpeed Insights, Mobile-friendly Test and Safe Browsing)

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To get data from the Google PageSpeed, Mobile-Friendly Test and Safe Browsing services in Netpeak Checker, it is necessary to obtain a public API-key. This key is free and fits all these services. 

This guide will show you how to get the key and activate the access to required services.

  1. Create a project
  2. Enable API
  3. Create an API key
  4. Copy the key 
  5. Paste the key in Netpeak Checker
  6. Limits on API usage

1. Create a Project

First of all, it is necessary to create a project in the Google Developers Console. To do it, head to the developers console and choose the 'Credentials' section located on the left navigational panel. 

Then enter 'Netpeak Checker 'as the project name on the 'New Project' textbox and save by clicking the blue button 'Create.'

create a project

2. Enable API

Before creating the key, enable APIs of the required services for the project.  To do it, use the search available on the top of the page. Enter the name of the required service in the search line:

  • PageSpeed Insights. 
  • Safe Browsing API.
  • Google Search Console API  (Mobile-Friendly Test)

select API

Choose the appropriate service in the search results and then use the blue button ‘Enable‘ to activate access to it via API.

enable service

It is recommended to enable three services at once even if you don't need to use all of them now. It will allow you to save time on enabling API in the future.

Press the ‘Enable’ button to open the page with service settings.

3. Create an API Key

To create a key, head to the 'Credentials' section of the service settings and click on the blue dropdown list 'Create credentials '. 

Choose the 'API key' option there.

enable API

4. Copy the Key

The API key will be specified in the pop-up window. Copy it and close the pop-up window.

API key created

Note that this key fits all Google services, so you don’t need to create it for other ones. Simply enable the access to them the way you did in the 2nd paragraph of this manual.

You can check what services are enabled for the project in the API dashboard.

API dashboard

5. Paste the Key in Netpeak Checker

Open the ‘Google API Services‘ tab in Netpeak Checker settings, paste the key in the ‘API key‘ field and press ‘OK‘.

paste the key in Netpeak Checker

Congratulations! You have successfully connected Google services in Netpeak Checker! Now you can get data from PageSpeed Insights, Mobile-Friendly Test and Safe Browsing services.

6. Limits on API Usage

When working with Google services in Netpeak Checker, be aware of the limits on API usage. These are mentioned in the ‘Quotas‘ section of each service’s settings. 

limits on API usage

At the time of writing this manual, the limits in the services are:

1) PageSpeed Insight:

  • 25 000 requests per day;
  • 1 000 requests per 100 seconds;
  • 60 requests per 100 seconds per user.

2) Mobile-Friendly Test: 

  • 1 request per 100 seconds.

Note that checking Mobile-Friendly Test for a big number of pages may take plenty of time.

3) Safe Browsing:

  • 10 000 requests per day;
  • 3 000 requests per 100 seconds per user.

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