Netpeak Spider New Overview Panel and External Links Analysis

Modified on Tue, 05 Dec 2023 at 10:43 AM

Netpeak Spider New Overview Panel and External Links Analysis

We're excited to present two new useful features → overview panel and the external links analysis, which will allow you to use Netpeak Spider even more efficiently. First, let's watch a round-up video and then we'll describe the advantages of these updates in more detail:

1. New ‘Overview’ Panel

In our new table, the data can be grouped by any parameter, that gives the opportunity to see your website from a different angle. However, we recognized that Netpeak Spider lacked some particular report to summarize the entire website data without a necessity to group the table by a certain parameter.

To get a full vision of your website, we've realized the new 'Overview' panel, that lets you see the absolute and relative values (percentage is available only when the crawling is paused or completed) of the following parameters:

  • Host → indicates the number of hosts on the crawled website and when opened – a list of all these hosts including all the subdomains
  • Status Code → indicates the main groups of HTTP response status codes (2xx Success, 3xx Redirection, 4xx Client Error, 5xx Server Error) and other non-typical values
  • Content-Type → indicates the content type of the crawled pages, it strongly depends on the content types analysis checked in the 'General' tab of crawling settings
  • Protocol → indicates the allocation of URLs with http и https protocols
  • Robots.txt, Meta Robots, and X-Robots-Tag → indicates the appropriate instructions for search engine robots
  • Level → indicates the content levels regarding the initial URL (whose level is always 0, as it is the place where the crawling starts)

A distinctive feature of this panel is that it contains only the data relevant for the crawled website. We want to concentrate your attention on the important points excluding such cases for the user as ‘0 pages return 404 status code’. We believe that such notifications disperse the attention and distract from important SEO issues.

In the new panel, you can click on any result and get the data filtered by an appropriate condition. Experimenting with different parameters will provide interesting SEO insights.

Also we have implemented the function to copy the particular value to the clipboard (choose the value and press Ctrl+C or press the appropriate icon above the overview) and to copy the whole overview (just press Ctrl+Shift+C). Add some important data to your SEO report!

2. The External Links Crawling and Analysis

External links are an integral part of any website. And it is the time to learn how to crawl and analyze them, as external links can bring much damage in case they lead to pages with errors or irrelevant websites.

The external links analysis is not switched on by default on purpose, as before you have to understand the following things:

  • when the external links analysis is switched on, these links will get to the table together with the internal links: you can easily filter external links from the internal ones with the help of the appropriate item in the ‘Overview’ panel
  • it means that the parameters and issues determined for the internal links will be as well determined for all the external links → so you can quickly detect the Status Code issues (e.g., 4xx-5xx), long server response time or low-quality content
  • to filter a definite issue only for external links, go to the filter ‘Include → Link group → External’ with the chosen issue, using ‘And’ logic in the filter settings

Pay attention, that Netpeak Spider crawls only unique external links from the crawling website and never goes deep into the external resource. Thus, you will always see the relevant number of external links and may be sure that it is from your website there is a link to a particular URL (by the way, in order to see all the links from your website to the external URL, choose it and call for an ‘Incoming links’ internal table with the right mouse button).

Netpeak Spider is gaining growth and strength :) Take advantage of new features and leave your feedbacks to help us develop to improve your SEO performance!

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